How To Avoid Getting Duped By Your New Employer

12/23/2015 | Posted By team

The economy is picking up and most of the employers report that finding employees is getting tougher. The competition for talent is getting hotter due to the startup boom. Now, that should mean good times for the job seekers, not necessarily as employers do not increase the benefits or salaries to get the top talent. They follow a much easier way, they spin a story around how good they are, how your life will change after you join them, it’s a marriage made in heaven.

And many do fall in their trap, only to repent later. These are some of the common signs that your potential employer is spinning a story and you should think twice before picking that job offer.

Everything Is Too Good

If you find that your next employer is akin to the heavenly abode of angels and everything is goody, goody. Chances are that it may be an illusion. Your hiring manager takes you on company tour through pre-selected aisles and insists that you are always with them. They do not allow you any private conversation time with other employees on the floor.

They Cannot Explain Why The Position Is Open

If your new employer cannot explain as to why the last person left the job, you may be landing in the hot seat. It is very important to know the reason for the exit, because you may not be able to change the job role or it’s stakeholders. You many end in the same or worse off circumstances as soon as you start the new job. Why would you want to be a sitting duck, just waiting to be shot by the old timers?

They Cannot Explain Bad Glassdoor Reviews

Make sure you ask your hiring manager about the comments on the Glassdoor site by the ex employees, look at their reaction, do they just brush it off as nonsense and blame the ex employee for tarnishing their image or they say, we learnt from the episode and have made changes to our policies to avoid a repeat of the incident. No employer is golden and always correct, it is the intent to be on the right path that separates the best employers from the not so good ones.

They Insist That You Join Immediately

Immediate joining should ring an alarm bell, it a sign that some one just walked out of the job without serving the notice period. In normal circumstances this is rare, people do not like walking away unless the place is making them go mad. Did the work pressure or culture force them to take the extreme step of not reporting to work? Even though they know that this may be uncovered during reference checks. One of the tactics that you can use is to ask the new employer about the time you will have with the last employee to transition work in progress to your desk, if your new employer insists that this is not needed, think twice before you pick the job offer. What are they trying to hide?

They keep On Repeating “Meritocratic Culture”

If your new employer keeps on repeating that their culture is meritocratic and they have very high bonuses, chances are that you will be monitored 24*7 by them. Make sure that you don’t land in the hands of control freaks, who treat you like a dumb machine that needs to monitored for staying productive.

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