Five ways to achieve more in less time

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If you are often racing against time to meet deadlines, it is time you learned ways to do more in less time. For the most part, it's about self-discipline. Sreeradha D Basu lists some tips on enhancing your productivity and effectiveness.

Protect Your Time

Managing time efficiently is the one all-important rule to follow. Says Judhajit Das, chief HR, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance: "All of us have goals in mind. Despite that, apart from value-adding activities, we spend a considerable time on valuedestroying or value-neutral activities, that in no way help further our goals." It's important to constantly monitoring how you spend your time and do away with activities that are not adding value in any way. So, focus on the job at hand and cut down on activities like internet surfing, chatting with colleagues.

First Thing First

A 'to-do' list is a great way of getting your priorities in order. Draw up one, listing your tasks in order of importance and according to the results you expect from them. Set time aside to do the important tasks. Ma Foi Randstad MD & CEO E Balaji talks about the 80:20 law, where he says 80% of results come from 20% of the activities undertaken by a person. "One needs to figure out what that 20% is. That's the challenge. Prioritising and applying these rules will enhance productivity," says Balaji. Maximise your time by giving each task undivided attention and not letting yourself get distracted.

Set Clear Objectives

What is your objective and how do you reach there? Professionals are often not very clear on this score. "It's essential to have clarity of objectivity so you can work towards that end," says Dabur India HR head A Sudhakar. Hand-in-hand goes feasibility of objective. "It needs to be something that is possible to achieve. Otherwise you'll end up frustrated," says Sudhakar.

Plan & Set Deadlines

Planning ahead and setting deadlines is a great way of getting things done effectively. "Good planning is a key ingredient for improving productivity. Some people plan meetings and even vacation months in advance. That way, they ensure that every facet is taken care of, and time wasters are identified and eliminated," says Balaji.

Don't stress yourself

No matter how hard you try, it's impossible to get everything done. And it's pointless to beat yourself up about them. Set realistic goals and don't waste time worrying about issues beyond your control. "Start the day with an unpleasant task that you need to get done, and try to get it out of the way first. But don't waste time on unnecessary things. Unproductive tasks can eat into your productive time," cautions Sanjay M, marketing head with a retail company.

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